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Gregory Alper, August 27 2021

Palace by the Sea - Panoramic Views

Everywhere one looks is breath-taking beauty and peace

One comment we regularly hear from guests – The Palace is even more beautiful than it’s pictures. Part of that is the feeling of actually standing on the pool deck and seeing nothing in front of you but ocean and the 2 bays (Manazanillo and Santiago). The gentle yet powerful sound of the surf, the feeling of the sun, fresh air, captivating and evolving light on the sea. Birds (occasional whales) and more.

Through photos, stories and movies, our blog offers  views into some additional highlights of Palace by the Sea, La Punta and the surrounding areas. Adding a new way to view the Palace on screen, here are a few recent Panoramas.  Enjoy.


View of Santiago bay from La Punta

Top of the steps entering the gardens of Palace by the Sea

Stepping inside the entrance, one views the grand living dining area with 30′ ceilings, fine detailed brick domes and magnificent arches revealing the pool deck and the incredible views that await.

180° view from our pool/jacuzzi/spa deck

Written by

Gregory Alper

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