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Gregory Alper, September 27 2021

Interview with Joaquin Torres, the preeminent architect of Palace by the Sea and La Punta/Santiago Peninsula.

“When an architect is asked to talk about his work, many experiences come to mind. Working here in Manzanillo as an architect and builder has given me great satisfaction that fills me with pride. The surrealistic surroundings where I have worked these past years – the Peninsula of Santiago – is one of the most beautiful places in Mexico.

This for me, is a constant fountain of motivation for the development of my profession and I feel truly fortunate to be here.Every project is a catharsis; one empties into it all the emotions, deepest feelings and an immeasurable passion.

I don’t think I am tied to any specific and established style and yet I have great respect for the great architects and their work.I believe my help resides in creating a space where the user finds himself and tunes into nature and his own essence. This is a fundamental part of my task as an architect.Joaquin Torres

Written by

Gregory Alper

Older Fantastic Flora of La Punta